“As distiller, the decisions that I make impart huge influence over the spirit produced. Cereals, yeast, flow rates, temperatures, production timings, cuts, wood, time – so many choices and decisions affect the way that spirit forms and matures into whiskey.

It takes many years to develop awareness, but the shared enjoyment and personal satisfactions offered up by this craft are countless.”

Our whiskey will initially be available from selected retailers, please e-mail: for more information.


FERCULLEN, our first brand name, is inspired by the ancient territorial name given to the lands on which the Powerscourt Estate is located, the Distillery will shortly release its opening whiskey expressions under the brand name FERCULLEN.

Distilled and laid down as new spirit by Master Distiller Noel Sweeney many years ago, the release of these rare Irish whiskeys marks an exciting phase in the development of Powerscourt Distillery


Selected from rare stocks of aged Irish Whiskey. Matured exclusively in bourbon barrels to deliver a smooth, soft, sweet and deeply satisfying fruit finish. The Fercullen 14-year-old Single Malt represents a remarkable Irish whiskey with maturity beyond its years. 

Nose: Honey, vanilla, sweet malty, spice, almonds, cinnamon, rich plums, clean and fresh.

Tasting: A refreshingly smooth and complex nectar delivering layer upon layer of smooth, silky sweet malt with crisp oak. Spicy, fruity, nutty complex and tasty. 

Finish: Malty to start with a long lasting sweet spice, malt and fruity fresh finish.


This exceptional 10-year-old Irish Whiskey has matured exclusively in American white oak. Laid to rest for many years before being recasked in fresh bourbon barrels, this enjoyable whiskey delivers sweet, subtle tones and smooth complexity.

Nose: Sweet vanilla, citrus, honey, spice, almonds, candy orange, oak 

Taste: Smooth, sweet, crisp grain, complex combinations of oak, fruit, and sweetness.

Finish: Silky to start with a long lasting sweet vanilla oak finish.