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We were also pleased to launch our Trinity Giftpack at the end of May for Father’s Day gifting. A beautifully packaged gift with distinction, for a Father’s Day, containing three 50ml bottles of award winning Irish Whiskeys; Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey, Fercullen 10-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey and Fercullen 14-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey.

We also promoted our standard bottles for true whiskey lovers, our Father’s day gift’s of distinction were available on various promotions. Customers were able to choose from one of three award winning Fercullen whiskeys.  Fercullen 10-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey retails at €57.50 RRP, Fercullen 14-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey retails at €92.95 RRP and Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey retails at €43.99 RRP. Fercullen Miniature giftpack €25.95. online from www.powerscourtdistillery.com or at the Distillery Visitor Centre giftshop.

Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey, a blend of carefully selected aged malt and grain whiskeys matured in ex-bourbon casks ensuring a smoothness and depth of flavour drawing from grain, malt and toasted oak.  “Mellowed by time in a soft Irish climate, this exquisite Irish whiskey brings tones of citrus, emerging from malt and grain to deliver a long lasting sweet vanilla and toasted oak finish,” says Master Distiller Noel Sweeney.

Fercullen 10-year-old Single Grain Irish Whiskey. Aged for several years before being recasked in fresh bourbon barrels.  Balanced, with light, sweet, subtle tones, this inspiring Irish whiskey lends company to any occasion. ”This is an exceptional 10-year-old Irish whiskey” says Sweeney. “It delivers light, subtle tones that reveal an underlying complexity and smoothness that lends character to any occasion.”

Fercullen 14-Year-Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Carefully selected from rare stocks of aged Irish whiskey and set aside to mature in bourbon barrels. “This is a truly remarkable whiskey, a smooth, satisfying, perfectly balanced and easy to drink Single Malt Irish Whiskey,” says Sweeney.  “Exclusively matured in fresh bourbon barrels for over 14 years it has married oak and bourbon tones with a fruity, clean malty spirit to deliver a classic with maturity beyond its years.”

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