A rare opportunity to be part of history in the making.


The Cask Programme


Powerscourt Distillery is now offering a limited-availability Cask Programme.

The Powerscourt Distillery Cask Programme is a unique offering of only 397 single casks filled with the finest new triple distilled, single malt Irish whiskey spirit.
This is the inaugural cask programme of our Master Distiller, Noel Sweeney who is the most experienced working Master Distiller in Ireland. Noel has been working in distilling for nearly 40 years and as well as being one of the most celebrated Irish Master Distillers in the world, he is also a Master Blender. He has developed world-class brands and whiskeys over the decades and everything we do at Powerscourt Distillery is the culmination of Noel’s experience and unique know-how in Irish Whiskey distillation.

At only 397 casks, the Powerscourt Distillery Cask Programme is an exclusive, special opportunity for like-minded individuals and companies to be part of the history of one of the most exciting and secure whiskey distilleries in Ireland located in one of the most breathtaking places, the historic Powerscourt Estate.

Our whiskey is produced from our own water, a natural spring-fed, granite-filtered aquafer located beneath the grounds of the Powerscourt Estate. The price of our casks is 7,800 Euros and this includes a number of benefits for 10 years including the on-site maturation of your 200 litre first-fill ex-bourbon barrel filled with triple distilled single malt whiskey produced from the finest local Irish ingredients. Our spirit is produced in our world-class, custom-build modern distillery using traditional methods.

The distillery itself is a phenomenal engineering effort built onto a stone-built, former water mill built in the early 1700’s and the 5 star fit-out provides our cask members with a place to enjoy their whiskey with friends and family on an annual basis. There are numerous additional benefits to being a cask member including events, exclusive whiskeys and experiences and you will enjoy being part of something really quite special.

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