Irish Whiskey Cask Ownership

Inaugural Cask Programme.

By way of tribute to the first time in history when Irish whiskey would officially flow from Powerscourt Estate, the Distillery launched an exciting inaugural Cask Membership Programme in 2018.  

Limited to an offering of 397 casks only, each cask is filled, numbered, allocated to its owner and left to mature in the onsite bonded warehouse at Powerscourt.

Each cask is intended to represent a foot (in water) from the nearby 397-foot tall waterfall on Powerscourt Estate and presents an exclusive opportunity for private individuals and small groups of friends to own their own, individual cask of Irish whiskey that has been distilled and matured here under the expert supervision of Master Distiller, Noel Sweeney.

The Programme presents an ideal way for enthusiasts and investors to get involved with the Distillery for the longer term – providing unique levels of involvement and further participation with the developing whiskey story at Powerscourt.

“Our inaugural Cask Programme is something special, a once-off opportunity to become part of the opening story of whiskey distilling on Powerscourt Estate. Our distillery is located in an extraordinary setting, complemented by a world-class Visitor Centre & onsite maturation warehousing all in the one place. Having one of Ireland’s most experienced and decorated of Irish whiskey distillers, Master Distiller, Noel Sweeney, at the helm means that we are offering a Programme like no other at this time. We are committed to making it enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding for all our members over the long term” …. Alex Peirce, Chief Executive, Powerscourt Distillery.


Together with cask ownership and the promise of your own private future supply of Irish whiskey, other benefits include privileged access to Distillery launched limited editions and special releases, private sampling occasions, participation at special tasting events, exclusive bottlings and distillery discounts.

All our whiskey is produced to Noel’s expert prescription in the world-class, custom-built distillery at Powerscourt using local ingredients and water from the natural granite-filtered aquafer located beneath the Estate.

January 2021 Update: less than 100 casks remaining.

Irish Whiskey Cask Clubs

Undertaken in concert with select partners only, our Irish whiskey Cask Club memberships are designed, led and promoted by partners who are sometimes better positioned to identify and design to the unique requirements of their own local communities of enthusiasts and customers.

Perfectly suited to small whiskey clubs, associations, business communities, overseas distributors and investors, please click here for further information or to enquire about setting up in your own location.

1.    China – 宝尔势格威士忌鉴藏汇 (Powerscourt Distillery 88 Club)
2.    South Korea
3.    Germany
4.    USA

Individual Casks of Aged Irish Whiskey

Together with casks of newly distilled spirit, Powerscourt Distillery holds casks of extremely rare, aged Irish whiskey dating back some 20+ years. These casks comprise aged Single Malt and Grain Irish whiskeys, formerly distilled by Noel. Each year a small number of these casks are set aside for purchase on an individual basis by private individuals and/or trade partners (hotels, restaurants, bars etc). Typically, they are held onto as part of a long term investment plan, alternatively, they are used to fulfill near-term independent bottlings on a highly exclusive, private basis.

Our cask offerings here are unique in that Powerscourt Distillery is the only operating Irish whiskey distillery to offer aged Irish whiskey originally distilled, and now available to be finished and released, by one and the same Master Distiller.

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