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Fercullen Distillery Select 17 YO Single Malt

Powerscourt Distillery – Limited Release
 Distillery Select 17 year old Single Malt finished in Apple Brandy Quarter Casks.

Powerscourt distillery is proud to launch a new Distillery Select exclusively available online or directly from the Visitor Centre. In 2022 the distillery sourced a number of quarter casks from Riverdrive Cooperage in Maine USA. A Quarter cask is a smaller type of cask, they are one -quarter the size of a Hogshead, coming in at approximately 60 litres. These smaller barrels have much more contact with the whiskey, due to a higher wood-to-whiskey ratio. As a result, the maturation process in these casks is much quicker.

We filled 16 year old double distilled single malt into these casks and are sharing the first release from the Apple brandy finishing casks with this Distillery Select.

Apple brandy is a type of brandy made from fermented apple juice or apple cider. The process of making apple brandy involves double distillation of the cider, which results in a rich amber colour and a smooth, full-bodied flavour. The brandy is then aged in oak barrels for several years to mature

American apple brandy tends to be sweeter due to its maturation in charred fresh Oak barrels, like bourbon. Also known as Apple Jack.

Applejack got its name from a crude way of intensifying alcohol in cider from colonial America. ‘Jacking’ involves freezing the liquid and removing the frozen water.

Commercial producers used pot or wooden stills and matured the resulting spirit in oak barrels.

This is our first release using quarter casks as a finishing conduit. Finished in 3 Apple brandy quarter casks for 16 months, limited to 258 individually numbered bottles, bottled at 46% ABV, non-chill filtered and natural colour. €150 online or directly from the Visitor Centre from Monday October 23.

Tasting Notes
     Nose: Treacle Toffee, apple drops, liquorice, toasted oak.
     Palate: Dulce de leche glazed apple slices and butter biscuits.
     Finish: Baked pie crusts, star anise, stewed apple with waves of charred oak.

Fercullen Distillery Select 17YO Single Malt, can  be purchased online now by clicking here