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Fercullen Wins BIG at IWSC!

Fercullen Irish Whiskey has been awarded the top tier of awards at the recent IWSC Awards 2024!
Of all the International awards received, the International Wine & Spirit’s Competition (IWSC) is recognised as the world’s most prestigious.
The competition is one of a kind as it conducts full ‘double’ blind tasting (glasses are pre-poured in a separate room) by panels selected from over 300 fully qualified industry judges followed by an extensive chemical analysis of the product.

At this year’s IWSC awards Fercullen Whiskey are delighted to celebrate winning Gold Outstanding with a rare score of 98 points for Fercullen Single Malt. This is a great success for the Powerscourt Distillery team, Fercullen Single Malt first launched in 2023, was the first Single Malt distilled in Wicklow in over 100 years, and being internationally recognised by IWSC supports the brands future growth in export markets.
The judges comments were: “Fercullen Single Malt: The nose is delicate with tropical aromas. The bright palate sings with barley sugar and a great fruit presence of strawberry and tropical fruits. Creamy, well-balanced medium finish offering notes of lemon tart with warm spice. Outstanding.” IWSC

Fercullen 21YO Single Malt received Gold scoring 96 points, achieved success in the uber-premium tiers within a highly competitive space, again recognition that Powerscourt Distillery’s quality in Single Malt spirit production is superb.
The judges final comments were, “A luscious blend of malt and oak character which underpins the rich pineapple fruit flavours. The tropical nose is restrained and subtle, saving its power for the palate – and it delivers. Rich and rounded with delicious toffee notes and fruity finish.” IWSC

Further wins include; the Powerscourt Distillery’s flagship brand, Fercullen Falls winning Silver at 93 points, Fercullen 15YO wins Silver at 92 points, Fercullen Estate Series 3, The Gates also wins Silver at 89 points and finally Fercullen 13YO Cask Select Single Grain wins bronze at 88 points.

  • Fercullen Falls: A classic fruit profile with grain aromas and burnt cream and caramel notes on the palate. Velvety with a beautiful balance and a spiced close.
  • Fercullen 15YO: A harmonious melody of barley sugar, fruit and polished oak runs throughout this offering, with a creamy toffee palate. Decadent and indulgent with a dry finish.
  • Fercullen: Estate Series 3 The Gates: Vibrant fruit core with layers of sweet caramel flavour. Rounded with a long, lingering finish.
  • Cask Select: Richly flavoured palate with layered notes of stewed fruit, dark chocolate, and toast.

John Cashman Head of Brand & NPD commented, “At Powerscourt Distillery, our commitment to producing top quality Irish whiskey will never waiver, from our single malts, to our single grain and future potstill spirit , our ambition is to create extraordinary spirit in the world of Irish whiskey. We are delighted to receive this award news and will use this to leverage future growth with our partners globally.

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