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Irish whiskey remains one of the fastest growing spirit categories in the world. It can be broken down into four distinct styles of whiskey: Grain Whiskey, Malt Whiskey, Pot Still Whiskey and Blended Whiskey.

At Powerscourt Distillery we distil both Malt and Pot Still whiskeys in our distillery, and have released Malt, Grain and Blended Irish whiskeys under our Fercullen brand.

All of our aged whiskey stock was carefully hand chosen by founding Master Distiller and Blender Noel Sweeney, to allow us to release whiskey while we waited for our distilled liquids to reach maturity.Today, we are distilling and blending round the clock under the watchful eye of lead Distiller & Blender, Paul Corbett.

Gifted with natural spring water on the Powerscourt estate, lush barley fields for our grain, and a diverse range of oak casks for finishing and blending, we seek the extraordinary in releasing some great new Fercullen whiskeys over the next few years.


It is Powerscourt Distillery’s singular ambition to provide you and your guests with exceptional whiskey and a long lasting experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a world where whiskey can be a little complicated and warrants a few questions, we have collected some of the most common for you to view below and welcome any enquiries you may have!

Are there different Irish whiskey styles?

There are 4 styles of Irish whiskey, Malt, Grain, Pot still and Blended.

Is all Irish whiskey triple distilled?

No, not all Irish whiskeys are triple distilled. Here at Powerscourt we have made double and triple distilled whiskey.

What is a single malt?

A single malt is a whiskey made from 100% malted barley, distilled in copper pot stills and from one single distillery.

What is distilled at Powerscourt?

Powerscourt is a classic malt distillery with 3 pot stills which allows us to distil both malt and pot still Irish whiskeys.

What is pot still whiskey?

Pot Still Irish whiskey is a style of whiskey unique to Ireland where malted and un-malted barley is mashed together with some other cereals and distilled in copper pot stills. If all from one distillery it can be called a Single Pot Still.

How long does Irish whiskey have to mature before it can be called whiskey?

Irish whiskey needs to be matured for no less than 3 years to be classified as whiskey. If younger than 3 years or under 40% alcohol it can only be referred to as spirit or spirit drink.

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