The shared enjoyment and personal satisfactions offered up by this craft are countless


Noel Sweeney


Dedication and perseverance meet with the expertise of Master Distiller Noel Sweeney at The Powerscourt Distillery. Learning from former masters, Noel has since become a globally recognised expert who has devoted some 30+ years patiently honing his unique skills in this ancient of crafts.

Passionate about his work and the production of the very finest of new spirit, Noel has been credited for the release of many international award-winning Irish whiskies over the years. He was inducted into Whisky Magazine’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2017 and is one of only two Irish distillers ever to have been recognised in this way. Noel is a member of the Irish Spirits Association, a founding member of Irish Whiskey Association and a key contributor to the Irish Whiskey GI technical file.

All aspects of spirit production and whiskey maturation fall under Noel’s careful supervision at Powerscourt Distillery. Being the home to many a unique harmony, Powerscourt sets the perfect stage for long conversations between spirit and wood.