Fercullen Single Cask – Stout Cask Finish


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Fercullen Single Grain finished in an Imperial Stout infused cask from The Wicklow Brewery.

This single cask Fercullen Irish whiskey has been hand chosen by the team at the distillery and is exclusively available online and in store at our distillery.

  • A single grain Irish whiskey which has finished for over a year in a barrel which previously held 12.12.20 Imperial Stout from The Wicklow Brewery in Redcross, Co.Wicklow.
  • This is our first distillery-exclusive release and is limited to just 240 bottles
  • Limited to one bottle per transaction

Nose : 
Freshly whipped cream, latte coffee, sticky toffee pudding with a hint of Orange bitters.

Mouth-coating oils and cream with forest fruits and a malty biscuit note as the stout influence becomes more apparent.

Mouth-coating and sweet with warming fruity spice.

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