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The Powerscourt Distillery plant was designed and constructed by Scottish engineering group Forsyths, one of the world leaders in the supply of distillation equipment. It is a classic 3 pot still distillery, allowing Powerscourt to distil malt and pot still whiskey using both classic and traditional triple and double distillation methods. At full capacity the distillery has the potential to distil over 3 million of bottles of whiskey per year, or lay down the equivalent of 40 barrels of spirit per day.

Powerscourt Distillery

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Powerscourt Distillery is a unique whiskey distillery located on the Powerscourt Estate. At Powerscourt Distillery you will enjoy fully immersive guided tours of the whiskey distillery process & tasting of award-winning Fercullen Irish Whiskeys. The visitor emerges from the ancient entrance building into a light, bright contemporary distillery and a modern visitor centre which has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend old with the new. Experience first-hand the sights, sounds, smell and feel of a fully operational distillery including a visit to the on-site maturation warehouse.

Distillery And Warehouse Tour & Tasting


A bespoke one-hour guided tour of our whiskey distillery and bonded warehouse, followed by an insightful tasting of three Fercullen Irish Whiskeys.

Distillery Tour & Food-Paired Tasting


An hour-and-a-half guided tour of our whiskey distillery and bonded warehouse. This is followed by a unique & innovative food-paired whiskey tasting.

Immersive Food Pairing

A Full Sensory Experience

Powerscourt Distillery offers a unique Irish Whiskey & local food pairing experience. Resident food historian and Food & Beverage Specialist Santina Kennedy takes visitors on a local food adventure, an authentic taste of Ireland’s Ancient East. Choosing from the finest local artisanal foods to pair with and complement the signature range of Fercullen Irish whiskeys, Santina has pioneered the Whiskey Food pairing for Powerscourt Distillery and the concept is growing in its appeal all the time. Engaging a with consumers & visitors making it more accessible to join the wonderful world of Irish whiskey through Santina’s food innovative pairings & collaborations.

Santina has gained much acclaim and international recognition for her passion and persuasion in sharing the joy of Irish Whiskey Food pairings.

An rud nach leigheasann im ná uisce beatha níl aon leigheas air.

This is one of Santina’s favourite ancient Gaelic proverbs, the meaning of which translates to: What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured. She says “These were the two best things an Irish home could have in the larder. The phrase shows not only the reverence the Irish have for their local dairy products and, of course, their whiskey, but it also hints at something that has always existed but is now being more fully appreciated: the combination and intersection of Irish food, drink, and culture.”

Santina points to the superb raw materials at the heart of Irish cuisine. “We have the best dairy produce in the world; we have a fantastic culture of producing artisanal, family-farm produced food items.” All of which can work with Irish whiskeys.

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Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Center
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Opening Hours


Monday-Saturday | 10:30am to 5:30pm;
Sunday | 12:00pm to 5:00pm

If you wish to book a bespoke tasting experience, we can offer a private tasting experience. Please contact us for more information should you wish to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a tasting with family or friends.

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