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Fercullen Estate Series – First Release

Fercullen Single Grain - Amarone Cask Finish

Meet “The Mill House” Limited Edition Single Grain Amarone finish from the award-winning Fercullen Irish Whiskey collection by Powerscourt Distillery

Fercullen Estate Series – First Release

Powerscourt Distillery is very proud to introduce the first release of their ‘Estate Series‘ – Issue 1 of 3; the ‘Mill House’ Limited Edition Single Grain Amarone finish Fercullen. This first in the Estate Series, it is named to give a nod of respect to their brand home – the near-300-year-old Mill House built from Wicklow granite – the distillery buildings’ historical anchor. Having established its core range of award-winning Fercullen Irish Whiskeys – 8 yr. old Blend, 10 yr. old Single Grain, 14 yr. old Single Malt and 18 yr. old Single Malt, Powerscourt Distillery adds to these with the first edition from the Estate Series (RRP €75).

The Fercullen ‘Mill House’ Single Grain Amarone finish is a marriage of single grain whiskeys produced in 2010, 2011 and 2012 by Powerscourt’s Master Distiller and Master Blender, Noel Sweeney. This Single Grain Irish whiskey was initially matured in first-fill ex -bourbon barrels, before finishing in premium Italian Amarone casks for 18 months. This allows the whiskey to reach an optimum mellow combination of grain, bourbon, oak and Amarone. Non-chill-filtered with natural colour and bottled at 46%, this Single Grain Irish whiskey is set to excite with its depth of flavour and complexity of taste.

Part of the landscape and fabric of the Powerscourt Estate for circa 300 years, the water-powered Mill House was repurposed to become home to the Distillery’s Visitor Centre, complete with the original turbine built by Craig and Sons in Belfast still intact. The clear spring water emanating from the nearby waterfall, which once drove the turbine, is now used to create the stunning award-winning Fercullen whiskeys. The purpose-built distillery also houses a modern high-spec mill where they mill every batch of malted barley or cereals for single malt or pot still production. Milling the barley in-house allows Powerscourt Distillery to inspect the whole malted barley or cereal, and mill it to the specifications needed for each distillation. It also allows the distillery to carry on a 300-year-old tradition of milling barley grown right here on Powerscourt Estate.

Fercullen Estate Series – First Release

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Spice, liquorice, vanilla, then honey with a twist of lemon, ripe peach, kiwi, cinnamon, oak.

Taste: Smooth silky soft texture, honey and cinnamon sweetness, fruit cocktail, light chocolate.

Finish: Long lasting sweetness from fruits and velvet texture; almost mouth-watering, yet a dry finish.

Fercullen Estate Series – First Release